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Growth Marketing



I develop products and build audiences for dozens of iOS, Android and Web applications for consumers, media and entertainment. I focus on using precision targeting and measurement to grow users and increase ROI in a wide array of channels.

What I do

With over 20 years of performance marketing and product development leveraging a strong technical acumen holding CTO and VP of Marketing roles, I’ve built and grown dozens of high-traffic consumer, media, entertainment, and two-sided marketplace apps, eCommerce platforms, SaaS platforms.


Performance & Growth Marketing

As a data-driven executive, I emphasize analytics and metrics to guide decisions. I architect solutions to leverage data for strategic vision and implementation of performance-driven marketing initiatives.

Product Development

I provide product analysis, product roadmaps, operational plans, technology strategy and FP&A for new products. As a former software engineer, I guide the execution of software product development through agile processes.

Search & Social

I help optimize your SEO efforts by leveraging over 20 years of experience in developing Search and Social strategies for news media. By creating a unified Search and Social strategy I can increase your marketing spend ROI.

Data Management Platforms

I provide visualization and insight into setting up and using platforms like Liveramp, Lotame, SalesForce, Cxense, BlueConic, Tru Optik, and more to guide and optimize your marketing spend.

Data Intelligence

I increase revenue through data by building strategies to attract, convert, and close the right people for your business by integrating your marketing channels with first party, second party, and third party data.

Customer Funnel Development

I help with funnel planning and profit prediction before you spend money on buying media, search, and social advertising. With effective planning and analysis, I can reduce your marketing spend. 

Generating New Ideas

Solving Big Problems

Growth doesn’t come easy, it is created through planning, smart teams, and iteration all built on a foundation that leverages data in an ecosystem designed to grow your business.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

A different approach

The intersection of product development, data analysis, and software engineering is the foundation for how I approach growth. As a former software engineer, I am able to leverage a core understanding of software while having a strong focus on ROI based execution coupled with an eye for growth, I bring a unique perspective in today’s software-driven world.

Skills and Specialties

Executive Leadership • Software Engineer • Business Intelligence • Revenue and Profit Growth • Product Development Entrepreneurship • Technology Vision • E-commerce • Strategic Planning • Consumer Insights • B2B and B2C Customer Acquisition & Retention • Analytics • SEO • Mobile Development • AWS • MERN/MEAN • LAMP/LNMP P&L Optimization • Strategic Partnerships • Budgets and Forecasting • Agile Methodologies

Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.” -Simon Sinek


Notes from individuals I’ve worked with over the years.

Full recommendations are available on LinkedIn.

Stephanie’s ability to stay abreast of the latest trends is remarkable and has helped our business navigate the digital world. From my perspective it is clear that she loves it.

Stephanie is an excellent flexible manager too. She operates within the constraints of tight budgets and timelines and still finds ways to handle surprises without exceeding her budget. 

She is intellectually gifted, curious, and imaginative with a good business acumen as well – traits that have made her a joy to collaborate with on new products, technology, business models, etc. Those traits coupled with her software development skills make Stephanie a potent leader who can take something from concept to reality.

Jeff J.

VP, Finance

“Excellence” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Stephanie Weber. I’ve had the pleasure of working with with Stephanie in two capacities. First as a coworker and now as a direct report. Above all, I am impressed with Stephanie’s commitment to excellence as well as her ability to drive change in an industry that is not known for it’s willingness to try new things.

Stephanie maintains a strong vision for the future while also managing intricate day to day operations.

Any company or organization that is looking for an inspired leader that knows technology as well as marketing would do well to have Stephanie in that role. I can’t recommend Stephanie enough.

Brian M.

Senior Web Developer, Space Foundation

I worked with Stephanie as an outside contractor for a major software changeover at the Gazette. She provided enough autonomy to allow me the opportunity to take charge over the project, but she was alway available to offer support as needed. She was committed to my success and the success of the project. 

I’ve worked with many organizations and VP’s over the past few years, and working with Stephanie was one of the best experiences. She provided realistic expectations, support with internal stakeholders, and enough resources successfully complete the project. I would gladly accept and complete another project with her.

Aaron S.

Founder, Senarii Consulting