Personal Leadership Philosophy


I am a values-based person, and my decisions are simply based on doing the right thing for my team and my business. I am motivated to listen more than I speak and seeking to understand. I lead with passion and humility. I focus on results, accountability, dedication, and trust.

I strive to be self-aware because self-awareness, at its core, is the ability to see ourselves clearly and to understand not only who we are but how others see us and ultimately how we genuinely fit into the world around us. This skill takes effort daily and checking my ego at the door. I treat every success and failure as a learning opportunity, and I strive to be a better version of myself every day. This goal is an ongoing pursuit, and the more I learn, the more I need to learn.

I believe that a strong team can do anything, so I always strive for “team.” A strong team that connects well and plays for a cause greater than itself or for any individual and believes that only together they create results.

What I expect of my team is what I expect of myself, that we should always be constant learners because becoming is better than being. We should know our strengths but more importantly, identify our weaknesses and be empowered by that. That we lean into the effort of learning and grab opportunities as often as we can. That we are committed and dedicated, be in it, to win it. That we bring a bias for action and getting stuff done because we set the standard for all else to be measured against. That we are accountable and commit to a clear plan of action as we individually and collectively own the outcome. That we take credit for our successes and ownership of our mistakes. That we measure ourselves and achieve more than we communicated.

Finally, that we are trustworthy, in order for everyone on the team to trust everyone else, all team members need to be vulnerable within the team and that means being genuinely open with one another about our mistakes and our weaknesses as this makes it possible for us to build a foundation of trust and growth.